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Project Rome will unlock your compelling story and refresh your communications & engagement

Project Rome specialises in developing clear communications strategies and brand propositions that cut through the complexities of your business environment to help you build and protect reputation.
Proactive, planned communications are vital to keep your audiences informed and engaged; the ability to explain your organisation and its actions with confidence is half the battle in achieving its goals. At the same time, managing reputation is more critical than ever in an age where trust must be earned, claims must be authentic, and audiences interact both on and offline.

We help organisations to navigate these complexities and release their potential, whether by working to build and protect corporate or brand reputation, or by ensuring the effectiveness of their marketing and communications functions. Our methods are tried and tested with market leaders, mid-size businesses, challenger brands and blue-chip organisations from the private and public sectors.

Our approach is insight-driven, pragmatic and outcome-focused. We work to understand your business and its goals and then set communications objectives that are relevant, ensure you get heard by the right audiences at the right time and ultimately deliver for you strategically and commercially.

We offer services in:

  1. Reputation management
  2. Corporate brand definition and profile building
  3. Sustainability and corporate responsibility
  4. Internal and external stakeholder engagement
  5. Public affairs
  6. Crisis and threat mitigation

1. Reputation management

A good reputation takes years to establish but can be destroyed in an instant. Project Rome helps you build, maintain and protect a reputation that says you are highly capable, trusted, authentic and an organisation that can be trusted to deliver on its promises. We work with senior decision makers who understand that reputations are powerful influencers in the performance and achievements of a commercial or social strategy.

Our skills lie in creating a systematic plan to maintain or improve your reputation and at the same time support your business strategy and the speed you wish to travel. We first assess the health of your reputation internally and externally and then identify what you can do immediately to give your reputation a boost. This isn’t always straightforward; we will challenge your organisation to ensure that you deliver on your promises and that your claims will stand up to inevitable scrutiny.

2. Corporate brand definition and profile building

In today’s communications environment, a strong corporate brand and proposition is essential if organisations want to stand out, engage their stakeholders and create positive profile. We will help you define why you exist, what you stand for, and the value you add to your corporate audiences, whether customers, investors, employees or policy makers.

Our approach is driven by insight, understanding current perceptions and what your stakeholders want from you, to create a proposition that will deliver quickly. We then take you through a corporate brand definition and communications planning process that ensures that your corporate brand is rooted in truth, is authentic and will stand up to scrutiny. Our approach helps organisations challenge mediocrity, create positive profile in the lead up to a financial event, or face up to regulatory change or impending market or government criticism.

3. Sustainability and corporate responsibility

Proving that you have a positive impact on the planet, communities and markets in which you operate is now a critical hygiene factor for customers, stakeholders and investors in deciding whether to work with you. However, many organisations have yet to get on the front foot, remaining unsure of their vulnerabilities or how best to take a lead.

Project Rome brings together experts in sustainability and communications to help our clients assess risk, and build their reputation in sustainable, responsible business. Our team helps you to mitigate risk and build an action plan to address areas of vulnerability and capitalise on potential strengths.

We work with you to create a sustainability-focused proposition and corporate communications plan but also provide the rigour needed to ensure this is authentic, applying competitor and industry benchmarking, carbon reporting and policy development.

We have led this process with major supermarkets, leading FMCG brands, public sector leaders and technology companies, working with executive teams, and sustainability and communications leads to ensure they are ahead of the competition and can position themselves as a leader in sustainable business.

4. Stakeholder engagement

Project Rome’s stakeholder engagement services enables you to build dialogue and trust-based relationships with individuals or organisations who have an interest in, or can influence, the way you operate so that you can achieve your goals.

Our mapping process identifies key stakeholders in their corporate, community or regulatory settings, understands their position as an assistor or resistor, and the factors that drive that position. We then advise on how best to engage with them.

Our methods are built on sound theoretical grounds and practical application. Results are reviewed every step of the way and changes made if required.

We work with both established businesses and start-ups from sectors including healthcare, utilities, retail, FMCG, bio and clean technologies, property, land regeneration and transport.
As well as identifying and mapping your stakeholder environment, we can provide you with a clear activity plan and support on implementation, delivering immediate progress and value over the long-term.

5. Public affairs

Project Rome’s public affairs specialists build and maintain meaningful relationships with local and central government, regulators and the decision-makers who may have an impact on your business. We act as your eyes and ears, constantly scanning the political and regulatory landscape in which you operate.

We offer a retained service where our relationship with you is ongoing and is activated as and when events demand. Or you can use our services for one campaign in particular and for an agreed length of time.

We have worked with organisations in the healthcare, clean tech, FMCG and transport industries, applying our knowledge, experience and relationships to enable them to engage effectively with their key political stakeholders. We review our strategy regularly, measuring and analysing the results and applying learnings so that you are always on track.

6. Crisis and threat management

Project Rome believes the risk of being unprepared for an event that could damage your organisation’s reputation is too big to be ignored. From operational crises to restructuring, leadership or regulatory issues, a lack of preparation and poor handling can have huge corporate – and personal – consequences.

In many cases, the way an issue is handled will dictate its long-term impact. We can mitigate that risk and help you before, during or after such an event with a range of services. These include: risk assessment and creation of a risk register; the production of crisis management guidance and manuals; media training; crisis simulation training; and live crisis handling across all audiences during the event.

We will also support you in the aftermath of the event as your organisation recovers. We advise on how to repair the reputational damage and review behaviours to learn lessons for the future.

If we can help you use communications to support your organisation’s growth or mitigate risk, please get in touch for a confidential conversation.

If you think we can help fashion your business future and provide you with these essential services, all you need to do now is get in touch.

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